Freebies for February

Freebies for February

What’s on offer across Xbox and Playstation platforms

One of the motions that we gamers go through at the start of the month is the whole “hey where’s my free shit?” stage. It’s doubly the case for us here, writing about games, hoping that another free one will come our way some day (Publishers take note – I only have one birthday a year). With the start of February, a new suite of games will be on the way.

In general, the offerings aren’t your brand new Triple-A. They’re rarely even the Triple-B, though there have been some great games that’ve had a sequel close to release. While some xboners swear on their red rings that the perpetual next month is going to be the one that makes Ryse free, it’s been mostly indie or small games that’ve been handed out. The offerings on PS Plus do tend to be a little more generous, though we’re still seeing that low save-a-few-buck approach.

It’s not why we sign up to things – no, that’s so we can play with our friends, or take screenshots that we can access (really, Xbox?) but it’s a nice thing to get in return. Here’s how the Freebies for February look:

Games with Gold

On Xbox One
Hand of Fate

A dungeon-combat game with deckbuilding elements, by Aussie studio Defiant Development.


Sneak around this sneaky stealth game as a Goblin Assassin

On Xbox 360
Sacred Citadel

A flashy side-scrolling brawler. Free.

Gears of War 2


PS Plus

On PS4

A twin-stick shooter from the makers of Magicka. Shoot the many things.

Nom Nom Galaxy

A… a soup? You, you um… explore? And search for soup ingredients? What??

On PS3
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

A fighting game. Persona 4 is also known as Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold.

Grid Autosport

Ever feel like you’re going in circles? Do that, fast, with this racing game.

What’s great news for those of you with an Xbox One, both of the 360 games above are backwards compatible!

On PS Vita

First of eleventy-one reasons to get this turn-based combat game on your Vita? It’s free.

Lemmings Touch

TOUCH IT! The suicidal blue mammals are available on PS Vita

So that’s how the month ahead looks. Are you excited about any of these? Better yet, what would you like to see offered as a reward next month?

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