Fallout 4: Automatron Trailer

No, that’s still not a typo.

This little bout of News is so hot that we haven’t even touched it ourselves. We wanted to get it out to you, the audience (which sounds a lot better than the reader, because the audience can’t be pluralised, and we know what that’s like).

Automatron is the first piece of DLC to be released for Fallout 4, and seeing as its due this month and it IS this month then it’s really anyone’s guess as to what the trailer of Automatron is really about. In fact, you should really watch the trailer above before reading through all this because that’s way more exciting than say… not watching it yet. 

The truth is we’re not going to speculate about what Automatron adds to the game because there’s no way of knowing (other than watching the trailer). After you watch the trailer, you might also want to read our announcement on the news of the Fallout DLC being announced, and all our wonderful speculation about what might be in Automatron and all of the other DLC that was announced. Also just a reminder, the season pass for the Fallout 4 DLC also went up THIS month so it’s now too late to buy it cheaper than you can buy it right now, as it’s already this month March.

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