Mass Effect Andromeda Leak!

Mass Effect Andromeda spoilers are popping up right across the internet thanks to some people who couldn’t keep their big trap shut. Close the page now if you want to stay spoiler free, but we’ve got an exclusive leak of information right beeeelow.

The goddamned cat is out of the bag. We recently covered some information on Mass Effect Andromeda, detailing details for a lot of the unknowns about the game. Thanks to a leaked survey that was presumably used to gauge the reaction of the target demographic for the game (read: everyone), we’ve got a juicy morsel that is sure to satisfy some other metaphor we could be making.

Brace yourselves.

It turns out that Mass Effect Andromeda is going to be heading to the Andromeda Galaxy. There’s nobody on earth that’s more shocked by this, but it’s the next bit that’s going to chew your brain up.

Humanity are not native to the Andromeda galaxy. As a human from the planet Earth, nobody is more shocked at this stunning leak of information that tells us that humans are in fact, not from the Andromeda galaxy. While on the surface this might be based on anecdotal evidence as humans have not yet gone to the Andromeda galaxy to conduct a census or poll, it’s important to remind readers that this information should be taken as related to the game only and that this notion that humans are from Earth is very much the source of the angle for humans not being from not-Earth – of which the Andromeda galaxy is presumably not Earth.

As humans are not the Andromeda galaxy, this is likely to mean that humans would be considered aliens in places that were not Earth, which is what the leak suggests. This completely flies in the face of everything we know about aliens these days, because we are not aliens, because we are from Earth. To suggest that humans could be aliens is outrageous and an awful, awful spoiler. 

As this is a leak which has not been verified by Bioware, there is still the possibility that this information is false and that humans are in fact native to the Andromeda galaxy despite never ever being there.

In the meantime, be vigilant as there may be other spoilers, such as it being a game.

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