Titanfall 2 to Include Titans, Gameplay

From the people that brought you Titanfall comes a game-changing game-changer that will take you to places you’ve never been before.

Okay, real-talk. The trailer looks pretty. The voiceover is decent, and immediately presents a hook that’s worth investigating. The jungle environment shown feels good, and it all looks interesting.

We don’t know any details other than there will be more details coming around on June 12th. Whether it includes a campaign, new game modes, or even more importantly, what the resolution or framerate (I kid, it’s NOT important), we just don’t know. YET.


Analysis of the trailer suggests that there will be titans, and the cues in the display of the logo suggest they will fall. It doesn’t show titans falling, but it does show bright dots falling, which could be titans that are glowing from entry into an atmosphere. We also know that it’s coming to PC and consoles, of which the latter are historically places that games exist – and Titanfall 2 may be no different. Whether or not the developer Respawn Entertainment will break with tradition and make Titanfall 2 something different is a big unknown, but as a developer of games, chances are this will be a game too.

What does that mean?

Yep, you heard it here first – gameplay. While this is all speculation, we’re prepared to go out on a limb and say we think that Titanfall will feature gameplay. No, there’s none in the teaser trailer, so you can probably appreciate the leap we’re taking by saying this, but mark our words – it’s gonna happen.

Like the rest of you, we’ll be keenly looking forward to learning more on June 12th.

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