Breaking: FIFA 2033 Rumours


FIFA fans today are absolutely beside themselves with anticipation after the latest leak from the rumour mill revealed that beyond the next instalment of the franchise, they should expect to be well-served by EA Sports in the future, for at least the next seventeen years.

While there’s been no official confirmation that these rumours are true, it does fit their approach to The Beautiful Game. Not content with a mere rumour, we went into investigation mode to put faces (where possible) to everything you might expect to happen surrounding FIFA Football 2033.

While we can expect to see more of the incremental updates that change the face of the game from year to year, with 2026’s ShinLink peripheral and the Hydration Sponsor system that will be added in 2031, it’s more or less the same game we know and love, complete with dual keepers, the extra time double-bounce, and post-match scoring for best actor.

The game will contain sixty-seven thousand teams, with cross-clone training and housing for those vital vengeance tournaments that provide much needed catharsis.

HoratioAs always, the real draw of FIFA is the ability to play as your favourite footballer. There’s always a lot of buzz around who fronts the cover of a FIFA game, and 2033 promises to be no different.

It’ll come as no surprise to fans of the game in years to come, that the main player you can expect to find will be none other than Horatio.

Horatio hasn’t yet made a name for himself, being that he’s currently eighteen months old, yet with a training approach that includes six years of memory implants and a strict regime of nanite therapy, he’s taken the world by storm.

Known for his tantrums, keen focus with the ball, and his uncanny ability to fall down, this still unknown player will be the name on everybody’s lips from his debut in 2030, until his eventual retirement in 2083 when his nanites are outmoded and no longer able to repair his body.pregnant-518793_1920

Side-by-side with Horatio will be the as-yet-unnamed illegitimate baby of parentage we can’t disclose at this time, yet it has already proven to be a strong kicker.

While it’s still early days yet, and there’s approximately sixteen other FIFA titles between now and then, it’s always good to have a heads up about what games we can look forward to. We know the game will certainly be coming to mobiles, headsets and the NXU, it remains to be seen what other platforms we can expect. We’re also looking forward to the new Soccer Ball DLC that’ll be a welcome addition for players that have completed the base game’s run-around-on-a-pitch mode.

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