Destiny: Rise of Iron Revealed

destiny-rise-of-iron-logoAnother one of those little morsels that leaked before E3 and then was announced proper is a new expansion that’s on the way for Destiny, which is going to come in at forty-five dollarydoos.

For this you get a new raid, new campaign story, new strikes, new weapons, a new area on earth (but still kinda near Russia), and probably lots of pretty shit. If you preorder you get an Iron Gjallarhorn, though that’s just a pretty skin to the classic we all know and love.
There’ll be a quest that’s specifically meant to get any Rise of Iron player a Gjallarhorn, meaning YOU get a Gjallarhorn and YOU get a Gjallarhorn. EVERYBODY GETS A GJALLARHORN.

There’s also new quests, higher light levels, and a new snowy social area. All of the story around Rise of Iron is concerned with the Fallen, the Iron Lords, and a forbidden technology known as SIVA which will be relevant for some reason. Expect more details to come ahead of the September 20 release date.

Check out the trailer below.


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