Mass Effect Andromeda shown at EA Play

This might be old news to those that have spent the last few days glued to their screens, watching all of the game news that’s been coming out of Los Angeles. One of the early highlights (and one of the bigger names we were keenly awaiting news on) was none other than Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Before we get into any sort of discussion over the game, take a look at the trailer below.

Excited yet? There’s a few details about the game that were previously unknown, as well as a huge amount of speculation about many different aspects. Yes, besides the very obvious one about the game being set in the Andromeda Galaxy which is foreshadowed by the name itself, some investigations into the last E3 trailer picked out what appeared to be the name Ryder on dogtags, and coupled with the backing track of Johnny Cash’s Ghost Riders in the Sky, it seemed like another hint. Now we have confirmation that it is indeed the name of our protagonist.

We’ve seen the video from last year’s N7 Day, where Commander Shepard (voiced by Jennifer Hale) spoke a message that was sent with the contingent that went to the Andromeda galaxy, but we know from the trailer that they did it aboard the Tempest. There aren’t a lot of details about the ship itself, but we know it’s the one that made the journey from our galaxy to its destination, with the crew (including Ryder) presumably in some form of stasis for the duration of the journey.

There are a number of planets shown, crossing some varied landscapes – some familiar in their essence, and others that are of distinctly unearthly environments. There’s also a few screens shown where you can see the same environment shown, with variations on lighting and colour. Take note of that.

We some enemies that look like big lumbering beasts, and some of the fauna of certain planets include floating whaley-jellyfish things that glide through the sky.

There’s an Asari with Lexa makeup in a shot, who shows a subtle smile, and then a look of fear while a weapon appears to the side of her head. We see more of planets, including weather, fog, godrays, dust, all the pretty stuff we come to expect from a game running on Frostbite. As has been hinted at since the very early days of Mass Effect Andromeda’s publicity cycle, we see a little of the Mako in action.

Unsurprising there’s Biotics shown too, though it may be a shock to see what appears to be a Yahg in the clip. For those that don’t remember, that’s the race of Liara’s Shadow Brokery predecessor. There’s a scene with what might be a Krogan dropping a human off a cliff, which suggests we’re going to get those cool character conundrums that make such an emotional impact on players.

Some of the imagery shown is also reminiscent of what was shown in Bioware’s First Look at Mass Effect Andromeda back in 2014. That was the video where the prospective new IP was first mentioned, and while there haven’t been much in the way of names or details, what’s of interest here is that the scenes shown while they spoke about the new IP have similarities to what was seen in the varying light and weather in the new trailer. It’s not confirmation, but does raise questions over whether those scenes we saw two years ago were from Mass Effect Andromeda or the new IP.

While it might not be enough info for some to hold onto at the moment, we hope there’s more info on the way soon. Absolutely can’t wait.

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  • June 15, 2016 at 12:38 am

    I want to be a Vorcha! I want to romance a Vorcha!


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