E3: Details on The Division’s Underground expansion

Details about the first real expansion for The Division have come out during the course of E3, which we know will be known as Underground. Without much in the way of surprise, the expansion will bring Division agents (aka players) to the tunnels below New York. Underground will be the first of three paid expansions planned for The Division, with the second known as Survival, and the third as yet unnamed.


There’s the usual gamut of better weapons, better gear, and even new types of weapons on the way, and there’ll even be some new outfits on the way, but this is the stuff you expect from The Division. It’s the stuff that’s standard, that does exactly what you’d expect. There’ll no doubt be players who are excited about the Dragon’s Nest incursion, but if we had to be honest, it’s the Underground aspect of the expansion that’s most interesting.

the-division-e3-stairsThe mode will add a new area to your Base of Operations, through which you’ll be able to beneath the surface. Doing so will take you into a maze of sewers, collapsed infrastructures, tunnels and more, where you’ll face some opposition from the same sorts of foes you’ve been fighting throughout the game so far, as well as a number of other obstacles.

What has us most interested in this type of play is that the operations will function along the lines of randomised dungeons, meaning lots of replayability, lots of challenges, and something repeatable that isn’t going to be the same every time. It’s also been said that the Underground will continue to be updated over time.

If any of that sounds enticing, you’ll be please to know you only have a two week wait until you can get down. In the meantime, check out the trailer. It shows some of the obstacles you can expect to face in your operations, and doubles up the message that this is a serious content addition to the game.


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