E3: Detroit: Become Human Trailer


Quantic Dream have been one of the heavy hitters for Sony over the past few years, particularly when it comes to games with a strong narrative focus. The newest from them, shown in the Sony E3 conference this year, is a game called Detroit: Become Human.

detroit-become-human1Detroit takes place in the neo-noir version of the city of the same name, and in a future not too far away. It’s a time when androids have become commonplace and fill the roles of humans throughout society. One such android is Connor, an advanced prototype that assists law enforcement in special cases involving errant androids. These ‘deviant’ androids behave in unexpected ways, and exhibit the markers of emotion.

The trailer shows Connor arriving on the scene of an android who has taken a girl hostage, and runs through the many permutations in which the scene could play out.

It’s not clear if this is early in the game, or how it’s built upon by the other events in the narrative, but the myriad of choices and outcomes means this will be a game with a story that is shared yet still personal.

With all of the avenues the story could take, particularly as the narrative extends to multiple characters, Quantic are quite clear about this making the player an integral part of the storytelling process in Detroit: Become Human. These outcomes always have a sense of choose your own adventure to them, but with themes that echo in the real world and characters that players can relate to, whether they’re human or not.

detroit-become-human3Nothing makes the ambitions of this game clearer than the length of its development cycle. Connor isn’t the first android we’ve seen from Quantic – that honour belongs to Kara, who was shown off in concept footage over four years ago. 

That sneak peak was shown running on PS3 and was not part of a game, but demonstrates that the germination process can take place long before the flowers or fruit begin to show.

Some of that time was spent working on a new engine for the game. The trailer shows some of the stunning visuals they’ve been able to put together for the game, while you can also find more on the site for the game.

There is currently no release date for Detroit: Become Human, however it doesn’t take a sentient android to know that this will be a PS4 exclusive, and after the following that Quantic Dream built up with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, it’s bound to get a lot of love. 


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