Starting with The Division’s Underground Expansion


Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division’s Season Pass’ Expansion is now available for agents on Xbox One and PC, with Playstation 4 players due to follow in early august. There’s a whole slew of changes that are going to interest you, but the big pieces that’ll change things up most are the new expansion to the base of Operations – an extra social area – and the Underground itself.

To get going with your underground journey, you’ll need to take care of a new mission that’s a short walk away from your headquarters. You’ll find it in your missions Secure Quarantine Center, or on the map south of the Meat Locker safe house.

Note well, spoilers lie ahead.


There’s reports of something going astray at a quarantine centre, and once you go to investigate, The Division does divisiony things. There’s no matchmaking for this mission, so if you can’t bring friends along, be prepared to tackle this alone. Once you’ve gone through a few waves of Rikers and their boss, you’ll uncover a mobile phone that will make your new area available. The premise is that you’ll be fighting on a new front.

If you haven’t been keeping up with your gearscore chase ever since they first added gear score, expect to have a rough time of it. The Rikers waves will have a few elites among them, and will approach from both sides of the street – best advice, get somewhere defensible so you’ve got a war on one front alone. The perks of this mission are these higher level enemies will drop a lot of gear, and you can expect some of that to be an unequivocal upgrade.

the-division-underground2-cgpHeading back to your base, you’ll have a short cutscene to explain the area, and then be free to move on. Expect to find the basement filled with other players, the new social space dubbed The Terminal.

There are a few options with your Underground missions that could make it more interesting – modifiers to make enemies tougher, or make your health dwindle as you go – as well as the opportunity to choose between one, two or three phases of exploration. All of these work to make the game more challenging, and with the challenge comes better rewards. You won’t be able to choose these right of, but will have to wait until you’ve finished at least one underground mission before you’re able to choose.

In the tunnels below, there’s fires, traps, ability suppressors, alarms, and of course, lots of bad guys with guns. The addition of obstacles beyond waves of enemies really add something different, and makes the expansion really capture that windy dungeon feel. You’ll also journey through varied surroundings such as sewers, railway tunnels, basements, and even the neon hypercolour wonderland that is the Riker’s ravey hideout.

There’s a new incursion added with Underground too, but that’s presumably back on the surface, far from the new randomised dungeon that gave Underground its name. For more, check out the trailer below.

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