Shadows of the Hist heading to Elder Scrolls Online


It’s been less than a month since the Dark Brotherhood DLC came out for The Elder Scrolls Online, and neither has it been that long since we received word that an even bigger change would be coming to Bethesda’s MMO. That will be happening in the guise of One Tamriel, which will let friends in the game play together regardless of what level they’re at or what faction they joined.

We’re still short of anything official in regards to timing of One Tamriel, but with the release of the game’s Update 11 due early August for PC gamers and mid-August for those on console, we’d expect that the update that goes with One Tamriel will still be further behind.

Update 11 brings with it another round of DLC, this one the Shadows of the Hist Dungeon pack, and builds upon the lore that surrounds Argonians and their relation to the Hist, the trees that surround the Black Marsh. That DLC manifests with two dungeons.


As always, all of the DLC is included with an active ESO Plus subscription, or available through separate purchase. ESO Plus subscribers will also be given access to costume dyeing, which will use dyes that can be unlocked through play or purchased through the crown store.

There are a number of other changes coming with the Update, which are being brought to the game under the banner of Quality of Life updates. The big change for console players will be the addition of text chat, improvements to the game’s performance, new crafting styles, and the usual spread of buffs and nerfs that come with regular updates. There’ll also be some additional changes to face effects and animation, and lots of other things that will make more sense to regular ESO adventurers.

It’s not the news we’ve been hoping for, and there’s a good chance that if you were to kick off a new character today, you’d be able to group with all of your friends in their alliance of choice before we do see One Tamriel (we might be doing something to this effect ourselves), but it should provide that incentive to keep playing from here until that highly anticipated update comes.

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