Pokémon GO! Updated

pokemon_go_logoAn update for Pokémon GO! has rolled out across IOS to address concerns raised over stability, and access to Google Account on that platform. Pokemon trainers will now find that the game will now remember their username and password, so they’ll no longer need to keep adding it. Those who use a Pokémon Trainer Club account will also have an easier time.

There are some other changes implemented for the sake of stability, chiefly around crashes of the application, but also a change to the level of Google account access required. Trainers will also be prompted to authorise the game to access their google account when they log in.

At the time of writing, this doesn’t seem to have made a difference to what shows in the app’s access settings inside Google account. If you had previously removed access, the new prompt for permissions should show Pokémon GO! Release with different account access to what was there before. The official response from Niantic was that after this fix for access was rolled out, Google would be reducing the account access to what was required.

pokemon_go_haul_squareIf you have concerns about the way Niantic has access to your details, you may wish to revoke access to the game, sign out, and then sign back in. This may also be fixed over time, but we don’t yet know.

Already Pokémon GO! has become a phenomenon, picking up millions of users in its first week of use, while still not released in all countries around the globe. There have been a number of issues besides the Google Account issues raised above, mostly around the stability of the servers and the app’s propensity for freezing or crashing.
It’s also lead to a number of people crashing and freezing. Hah, well maybe the latter. It’s been cold nights in Australia, one of the first countries to gain access to the game last week (even ahead of the USA) and there’s been a lot of people spending their nights rugged-up outside, well away from their heaters and other comforts, all for a chance to catch a pokémon with friends – new or old.

We won’t linger too much on the game itself as it’s still a moving target, but rest assured, we’re as thoroughly hooked as you are.

Still no word on whether the Zubat menace will be addressed any time soon.

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