Master of Orion Gets Release Date

Wargaming seemed like a strange contender when the news came that they’d obtained the licence for the 1993 classic that kicked off the 4X strategy genre, yet as more information came to light, it was revealed that it was CEO Victor Kislyi’s love for the game that made the company pursue it. With a team that included a number of the original Master of Orion developers, there was no doubt that they took this massive undertaking seriously. Today Wargaming have announced a release date for the Master of Orion reboot; August 25.

The new Master of Orion was developed by WG Labs, a subset of the greater Wargaming business, tasked with the pursuit of new. The game already looked impressive when it was shown at conventions in late 2015, and the refinements made as part of an Early Access program that began in February has sought to further guide the game toward the feel of the original games.

Master of Orion

The game brings back the original ten races, while seeking to modernise the core of the game for modern audiences. It also features the voices of scifi luminaries such as Mark Hamill, Alan Tudyk and Michael Dorn, among other voice talent.

The feedback for the game on Steam has been mostly positive, though recent feedback has skewed away from where Wargaming might want that to be. We haven’t spent time with the game as yet and as such can’t say whether it hits its target, but hope to cover more of the game in the near future.

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