Could Xbox One’s Skyrim: Special Edition have In-App Purchases?

Well no… but, maybe?
Actually, maybe. The digital release of Skyrim: Special Edition has finally hit the Xbox Marketplace, with a very peculiar annotation. The game has been available for preorder from physical retailers as far back as June and was available to order through the Playstation store in July, yet results for the rerelease came up without the game in question on the Xbox site.
That’s changed as of this week, at least as far as the Australian region goes. The site now returns Skyrim: Special Edition in the results for Xbox One, yet when viewing the game details, the site currently shows the text Contains in-app purchases.
Our money here is on an error in the way the details have been loaded, particularly when the Playstation store indicates otherwise. Skyrim Special Edition isn’t due out until October 28, so it would be a bigger surprise if that annotation didn’t change.
Possible reasons besides it being wrong could be that the enabling of mods counts under Microsoft’s definition of in-app purchases, or at an even bigger stretch that only the dreamers would dare dream, that it might be a sign of new DLC for this game. That’s more than unlikely, but seems more plausible than Bethesda not bundling past DLC in with the special edition (which would make it decidely less special).
Also in the Elder Scrolls vein, ESO Gold Edition is due for release on September 9, which will include the previous expansions of Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. At current there seems no sign of this edition across the console digital stores, and likely means new and existing players hoping to stay digital will either have to buy the expansions separately or subscribe to ESO Plus.

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