Destiny Upgrade Path for Rise of Iron

Bungie and Activision have today announced Destiny – The Collection, which will contain all of the content from the Destiny game, including the Rise of Iron expansion that’s due for release on September 20.

Players who pre-order Destiny – The Collection digitally will be able to jump into the game immediately, and access all of the content that’s been released to date, ahead of Rise of Iron. These same players (and others that pre-order the collection) will receive the Iron Gjallarhorn, the same as others that pre-order Rise of Iron.

If you’re on one of the older consoles (read: Xbox 360 or PS3) and aren’t able to get Rise of Iron but *do* have the digital version of The Taken King, it looks as though Bungie are doing a special upgrade where you’ll be able to switch to the current gen take on your console family, and grab Destiny – The Collection for a reduced price.


For current players in Australia that just want to nab the upgrade to Rise of Iron, both Xbox Marketplace and the Playstation Store are showing the expansion there for preorder, but without any price tag. They do both show the Collection available for $89.95, but we can only hope that the hit isn’t as severe as Taken pre-orders were.

You can find more information about the upgrade offer at, but again for the Australian audiences, we’re not sure what’s happening with this yet.

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