Fallout 4’s Nuka World Trailer

The trailer for the last piece of DLC has arrived, and it’s another big one. It’s a little sad that this does bring the run of content for Fallout 4 to an end, and for those that haven’t gotten into workshops it might seem a little off. Nuka World brings an amusement park to the Commonwealth’s wilds, and well… here’s the trailer.

The trailer opens with Cappy, a Mickey Mousesque Bottlecap who gives an introduction to the park in a short animated clip. The camera slowly pans back, revealing that the clip is actually showing on a screen on a robot, then continues on into the atmospheric meat of what players can expect with this new content.

Nuka World as an amusement park is rundown, a corrupted analogue that seems a dual reference to Disney World and Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory (and all the cartoon parodies that go with it).


Aside from the rides, mini-games and other attractions you’d expect to find at a real world park, it’s the mixture of abject violence juxtaposed against twirling tea cups, rollercoasters and spinning rooms that invoke that special dissonance that is endemic to the Fallout setting. There are also new enemies, new weapons, and a whole load of additions to the settlement workshops.

Fallout4_NukaWorld_FerrisWheel_1471259571One of the big questions around Nuka World was whether it would allow players to run with Raiders, particularly after a recent patch added a new Raider category to the workshop.

From what’s in the video, it does indeed seem like you’ll be able to recruit raiders to your cause, and presumably cause all sorts of mayhem across the Commonwealth.

When it was first announced, Nuka World was scheduled for an August release. We know that seems unlikely considering the timing of the trailer, but it appears that it’ll cut it fine – expect to be amused on August 30.


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