Monster Boy Gets New Trailer For Gamescom

A new trailer for Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom has come out today ahead of the game’s presence at Gamescom in Cologne. Monster Boy is a new game, based upon the Wonder Boy franchise that was created by Ryuichi Nishazawa, and showing a clear pair to the gameplay of Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap.

The new trailer has been dubbed The Power of Six, and shows off some of the abilities that are available to each of the transformations. Beyond the venerable Human, it also looks like players can expect to jump into the shoes of a myriad of anthropomorphic animals, such as a Frog, Pig, Lion or Dragon, as well as a the body of a very shoeless Snake.

The game looks a delight in motion, at least as far as the trailer shows. The game is intended to run at 1080p and 60 frames per second for those that need to know those things, though Game Atelier haven’t explicitly stated which platforms that will hold true for.

What’s also telling of this trailer is that each of the six transformations it shows have distinctly different abilities to what you would find if you went back to the old Wonder Boy games.

This shows that rather than simply being a loose homage that mimicked its inspiration, the developers at Game Atelier have used the personality of those charming games as the jumping point for all new types of abilities, as well as the ability to hotswap between each of the transformations.

As long time fans of Wonder Boy who also consider it to be the best game that came out of the SEGA Master System, we’ve been looking forward to this game ever since I learned of its existence. There were many days spent playing the game, scrawling codes down in the manual so that we could resume play another day, and all in all experience an adventurous undertaking that still resonates.

Game Atelier have worked in cooperation with series creator Ryuichi Nishazawa through the development of the game, and aside from featuring the music of other SEGA luminaries, will also include rearranged music from the Wonder Boy series.

Those fortunate enough to be over in Cologne for the event will be able to find a playable demo of Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom at the Xbox booth in Hall 8. At this stage the game is slated for release in the first quarter of 2017, and will present more information on the launch as it becomes available.

Astute readers would also recall we covered another game recently inspired by the Wonder Boy series – The Dragon’s Trap, which similarly looks like a delightful romp. For SEGA fans who’ve perhaps not seen their old favourites return with quite the touches needed to service their franchises well, it’s finally starting to look promising again.

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