Gamescom Trailer for Blackwood Crossing

We learned in early June about Blackwood Crossing, a story-driven adventure game by studio PaperSeven. From the interesting setting of the game to the tale of two orphaned siblings, it’s already looking to be a worthwhile experience.

Blackwood-Crossing-Scarlett-and-FinnWith Blackwood Crossing, PaperSeven seeks to explore the relationship between Scarlett and Finn, particularly as Scarlett approaches adolescence and the bond between the two change as she finds new interests. You will play the game as Scarlett, and gradually uncover the extent her emotional distance from Finn, and the repercussions that unfold accordingly.

While that alone could pave the way for a suitable story about the lives of these two siblings, it’s told instead through a kind of magic, as a chance encounter turns their ordinary world into something more.

As part of Gamescom, there is a new trailer for Blackwood Crossing, that builds upon the announcement teaser from a few months ago, and sheds new light on this first-person adventure that’s heading to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2017. It shows more details about the relationship between Scarlett and Finn, as well as showcasing some of the other characters and environments from the game.

The style of the game may have seemed light in the initial showings, but as the trailer shows, that’s just one aspect. The tone of the game is ready to turn on its head when it needs to, sometimes in service of conveying the emotions of the characters, and at other times because there’s something dark and troublesome brewing.

There’s sombre moments too, already, and you can feel the urging of Finn as he asks to learn more about parents he doesn’t remember, yet that Scarlett does. There’s so much complication already, trouble in understanding, and a weaving darkness manifesting – though what it’s a stand-in for, it’s not yet clear.

There are some surprises in the trailer above, even if you had been following the game closely, but it’ll still be a little longer before we’re able to get our hands on Blackwood Crossing, and learn more about these two. 


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