Supergirl is coming TO Lego Dimensions

Fresh news coming out of Gamescom is that Supergirl is heading to LEGO Dimensions in a special starter pack. This pack is exclusive to the new Sony Playstation edition of the game, and will feature all the powers you’d expect to go with our favourite former Kryptonian.

LEGO-DIMENSIONS-SUPERGIRL2As well as strength, flying, x-ray vision and beam attacks, Supergirl will also be able to transform into her Red Lantern incarnation, with all the powers that go along with that.

It looks as though it will be a timed exclusive, until late March 2017. That might mean that even players who manage to get their hands on Kara won’t be able to use her in their game unless they’re running on a PS4.

There’s a short video from Warner Bros that shows Supergirl in action, but it won’t be long before some of you will be able to play with her. With her inclusion in a starter pack rather than a standalone, there’s a definite push for LEGO Dimensions to attract new players, but hopefully she’ll be available separately for existing players.

This is just the first piece of detail surrounding LEGO Dimensions that’s come out of Gamescom in Cologne, and you can expect there’ll be more info on what’s in store with the additional franchises as the event continues.

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