The Tragedy of Deus Ex Go

You have to feel for Adam Jensen. On a similar timeline to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the series is following in the steps laid out by other Square Enix franchises and receiving a mobile game.

Deux-Ex-GO-ElizaThe latest in a string of unfortunate events comes down to a combination of timing and title, and while in retrospect the same might be said of the Tomb Raider or Hitman games of this type, they’re not coming out after the language has changed.

Deus Ex GO is in the unfortunate position of using a word in its title that has all new connotations in a post-Pokémon GO! world.

That suffix is enough to set a particular expectation now.

We’ve already seen a spate of memes, presenting theoretical AR games such as Dark Souls GO or Fallout GO, and wishlists including a 50K-strong petition for GO/AR game based on Harry Potter.

There’s been a few games that would even make a huge amount of sense with a tie-in, and unsurprisingly the subject matter of augmented humans in Deus Ex would be an amazing fit with an augmented reality game.


We can’t comment on the quality of the game itself as we haven’t played it yet, but hope they’re able to present the game plainly enough that no players jump in with false expectations. The truth is it going to be difficult to separate the idea of an AR-game from what Square Enix have created.

It’s clearly not a case of deceit at hand, just an unfortunate set of circumstances that nobody would have asked for.

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