Player 2’s Gaming Marathon for the Starlight Foundation

Our friends over at Player 2 announced today that they would be holding twenty-four hours of gaming in a bid to raise funds for the Starlight Foundation, a charity driven to making life better for children in hospitable. Starting in the morning of Saturday, September 10, Player 2 will pull their audience together for this worthwhile cause.

This isn’t the first time that gaming and charity have fallen under the same banner, but Editor Matt Hewson sees the site’s contribution as a valuable way of doing something more. “I have always held a strong belief that I should be helping those less fortunate than myself in whatever way possible – Running Player 2, I am in a position to more than donate a few dollars.”

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The goal set for Player 2 is to raise $2000 over the course of their 24-Hour Marathon for Starlight, but hope that if their community comes together, they’ll be able to meet that without trouble.

If you do have the chance to take part, the stream will be hosted live on Twitch, which means you’ll be able to chat with Matt Hewson and the rest of Player 2’s breadth of writers and fans from across Australia. In addition to playing games such as Rockband, Street Fighter V and Mario Kart (among others), expect to see some Diablo and Overwatch, and as an added incentive, giveaways and competitions through the night and on until morning. Among the prizes hinted at so far are new release Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Those who want to get involved with the stream will find a Facebook event to remind them of the stream as the day approaches, or if you’re unable to be there on the day, donate to Player 2’s Starlight campaign here.

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