The Witness is on the way to Xbox One

Here’s a puzzle for you- what’s set on an island, took seven years to develop, has made its mark on PC and PS4, and is heading to Xbox One? That’s right, the challenging exploratory puzzle game that was released back in January and made the smartest mouths among us feel like children again? It’s making its way over to Microsoft’s big black box on September 13, and is bound to clam-up even the most clued-in.

Designed by Jonathon Blow and developed with Thekla Inc, The Witness will turn you loose on an island filled with puzzles that will test your thinking, and give you new information with each solve as you explore its open world. It’s only a few weeks until the game is available, but it’s suggested that you hold off on spoilers, even if the puzzles seem impassable.

In the meantime, you will probably want to check out the Xbox release trailer below.


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