The Taken King in the Rear-View Mirror

Now that we’re as close to on the cusp of Rise of Iron as we’re likely to get without actually being there, give or take a few hours, it’s time to take a glance back at the changes that came out of the last Destiny expansion.


One of the biggest changes that came about with The Taken King were the changes to the player’s Ghost, affectionably dubbed Dinklebot by the many. Wherever you stood on the performance given by Peter Dinklage, the pre-TTK patch that officially ushered in Year Two replaced the entirety of the original Ghost with new voiceovers by Nolan North.


A few lines from the original game’s missions had a tweak in places, and the commentary when landing on a planet for patrol gave more personality to the machine that was mostly detached from the events. While there’s some lines Dinklebot did better, and there were seemingly manner in pre-release Destiny (still apparent in trailers) which did well, what Nolanbot’s arrival also represents is an uptick in the quality of dialogue from that point on.

Many of the supporting characters became more nuanced or personable as a result of the story in The Taken King, and for the first time the cinematics matched the mood of the game itself.


New Sub-Classes

When it was first released, Destiny had two subclasses per class, each paired to one of the three elements (or damage types) in the game. The Taken King rounded out the subclasses with the introduction of three more, each with a distinct playstyle. As often happens when new classes or builds are added to a game, the Nightstalker, Stormcaller and Sunbreaker play smooth compared to their vanilla Destiny counterparts

The change of having a quest to unlock each rather than it happening at a certain level means it ties in better with lore, and gives a chance to do something special for each. The Titan Sunbreaker quest remains the only single player jaunt to Mercury in the game, at least for now.


Better World Events

The World Events that kicked off the game were limited in variety and depth – there’s only so much defending a satellite or hunting a target before it gets old. There were the occasional battles between the enemy factions that raised the stakes, but as cool as they were, it always seemed to be something that took place rather than something we participated in.

That first changed with House of Wolves, where Fallen scouting parties could be encountered and fought, which would do an event of sorts. The Taken King took that further with regular Taken appearing across a multitude of planets, but went to another level on the Dreadnaught. The Hive and Cabal minibosses at the Hull Breach, and the boss challenges of the Court of Oryx really gave the game something with lasting efficacy.


See the Light

The biggest change in The Taken King was an overhaul to the way light and levels worked post level 20. In case you started late or had otherwise banished the memory of how it worked to the dark below, let me remind you. You level capped at 20. After that, your level was tied to your light level, but still progressed along a levellish path. In the pre-TTK patch, Bungie changed the formula to have a soft-cap for vanilla Destiny of 34, and a TTK cap of 40, with the light level independent, much as it is today.

So, that’s our big ones. Yes, there were overhauls to the Engram system, and a little commemorative spot in the original Loot Cave, but that’s what we have. We can’t predict what the most memorable changes that come with Rise of Iron will be, but we’ve already seen a few already.


There’s a new loading screen, complete with its own new music. Private matches are live, and there’s been some modifications to the interface already, with the inventory screen adding ornamentals (where your chroma will now be found).

A Launch Trailer for Rise of Iron came out last week, but here it is again, to give you that last minute Rise of Iron buzz.


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