Chinese Mythology Mash-Up for Minecraft Console Edition

Most of the movement on Minecraft Console Edition over the past few months has been around the Minigames added, first around the Hunger Games-style ‘Battle’ mode, and more recently in the Spleef equivalent ‘Tumble’ mode. While there were a few general updates earlier in the year, and a Wii U exclusive Mario-themed mashup pack, we haven’t seen a new look for the game come to any of the Xbox or Playstation consoles this calendar year.

Today Mojang and 4J Studios announced a new mashup pack, inspired by Chinese Mythology, which can be seen to (at a minimum) feature characters like Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie from the classical novel Xiyouji, perhaps better known to English speaking audiences as Journey to the West. Aside from screenshots, there is a trailer that showcases some of the 41 skins that come with the mashup.

The earliest mashup packs for Minecraft stuck mostly to games, with the very first being based on Mass Effect 3, and followed by other games such as Halo and Skyrim. More recent mashups have been inspired by times of celebration such as Christmas or Halloween, with the biggest departure from this pattern being the Greek Mythology texture pack that brought the Colossus of Rhodes, the Trojan Horse, Atlantis and more to console-based builders.

The full details around the contents of this mashup aren’t yet known, but with new textures, music and specially crafted sights, there’ll no doubt be plenty to discover.

In addition to the Chinese Mythology mashup pack, Mojang have also revealed that the next update to the core Minecraft game will happen early next month. Players can look forward to polar bears, banners, igloos, and a bunch of new bricks. If you were hoping that the console edition might catch up to the PC version a little further, sorry to say you’ll have to wait longer.

You can read the full announcement on the mojang site.

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