Welcome to Dedsec Trailer for Watch Dogs 2

If the new story trailer for Watch Dogs 2 is anything to go by, Ubisoft are making some significant changes to the feel of the story for the sequel, which shies away from the lone-wolf style of the original protagonist Aiden Pearce.

With the focus on the Dedsec hacker group, and a number of supporting characters that round out to an ensemble cast, the new tale told won’t be purely on the shoulders of protagonist Marcus Holloway.

One of the focus points gathered from the trailer is that the in-game company that created the ctOS software of the first game, the Blume Corporation, is back with ctOS2.0. One of the targets mentioned in the trailer is Dusan Nemec, who’s named as the CTO and can currently be presumed to be the overall villain of the piece, notwithstanding the potential for a puppet master, evil AI, or internal betrayal.

Whatever the ultimate twist, turn or take might be we can’t be sure, nor if the game will carry the intended story where it needs to be, but we have the trailer. Have a view of it and speculate among yourselves.



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