Battlefield 1 Single Player Trailer

One of the more exciting games on the way this year is without a doubt Battlefield 1. Players got a taste of its combat recently as part of an open beta, and though there’s still a few weeks to go, the details about the game are going to flow between now and October 21

One such detail is the new trailer for Battlefield 1, that shows off the Single Player campaign. It’s especially interesting to see it as a focus, given the last Battley outing by EA was Battlefront, a game that sorely missed a single player mode.

You can check out that trailer below.

There’s a lot to takeaway from what the trailer shows, but first of all, let’s consider how great it looks. Frostbite turns the environments into something special, so that the scene where they hop into planes feels cold and cosy, and you can just imagine the biting air on the misty field of battle. The characters too feel distinct, and taken from a number of backgrounds rather than centering on any one country in the Allied forces. You might even notice a familiar hat just past the one minute mark.

It also looks like the single player campaign for Battlefield 1 will take place over a number of World War One’s theatres of war, which elevates the potential of the story to something with possibly epic overtones. Rather than a single character moving through each front, the game will feature an anthology of characters (as mentioned on the Battlefield blog), putting players into the shoes of a diverse cast.

All this contributes to Battlefield 1 shaping up to be something special.

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