Red Dead Rampant Speculation

In the wake of the announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2, now with a glorious silhouette poster to go with it, speculation abounds as to what the game will be about, who the characters will be, and if it will live up to the original. The original Red Dead Redemption was a sequel of sorts to Red Dead Revolver, though much in the vein of other game sequels, the new RDR is treating itself as a sequel (we think) of John Marston’s story.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is said to be coming in the Fall of 2017, which you might call Autumn or even Spring if you’re in that zany upside down hemisphere. Rockstar Games have also in their tease alluded to a trailer coming, which will be dropping on Thursday (day of the week in your location subject to whatever decides these things).

Yet DO we already know something about the game, just from the poster?

Let’s take a look at it again.


Now, what do we know about John Marston? The statute on spoilers (and the fact this is about a sequel) means we can just say it. John dies at the end of Red Dead Redemption.

What can we see in the poster? Not a whole lot – it looks like a gang of silhouette cowboys, but what if it’s not?


Many years ago, Kotaku had a feature on a ghost story present in Red Dead Redemption. The original game itself had an expansion, Undead Nightmare, that brought zombies and the supernatural into the mix, nevermind that the ghost town of Tumbleweed in-game is also a GHOST town.

One of the other details in Undead Nightmare was this horse – a Hell Horse – confirming the in-game existence of hell. Let’s have a look at those silhouettes again. The colours and background are of red, the colour of HELL. Perhaps these aren’t silhouettes at all, but the spectres of the fallen, condemned to torment in hell – John Marston among them. This might be the reason that we can’t see any feminine silhouettes above too, since it’s a proven fact that women go to heaven and men go to hell.

What could be a better redemption that redeeming himself out of hell.

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