Major Update for Queerly Represent Me

An update has come to Queerly Represent Me, expanding the site’s methods of interacting with its graphical database of games now complemented by a comprehensive table database.

Started in May 2016, Queerly Represent Me seeks to create a comprehensive list of positive depictions of diverse sexuality, gender and relationships, as they pertain to games. The intent with its database is to aid players in the queer community to find games with characters and situations that they can identify with, and to also provide other players the tools to experience a new perspective on issues they may be unfamiliar with.

The update also adds additional tips around the use of each database format to aid those wishing to use it.

Considering that this new medium that is still finding its footing can be very powerful, creating near-instant bonds between player and character and is able to change the way we see others, this site is an incredibly important part of this favoured medium of ours.

In the interests of disclosure, I want to state firmly and proudly that Alayna has written for Clever Game Pun before, and with good fortune, her words will be here again in the future. As a woman who wears the hat of Writer, Editor, Teacher, Developer, Lecturer and more, her presence here is just one tiny facet of her being.

The goals and purpose of Queerly Represent Me already align with our site’s core belief that gaming is for everybody, and I would support her initiative even if she had not written for the site before. We encourage anyone that loves games, and especially those who believe that there’s more to the medium than shooty-bang-bang-pow, to go explore the database.

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