Xbox One Oculus Rift Windows 10 Streaming is Weird

So, we all know the Xbox One app on Windows 10, and how it lets you stream games from your console to your PC. It’s great, even if it plays like balls over wifi. We also know the Xbox Play Anywhere, that lets you kind of swap between console and PC. We even know all about Backwards Compatibility that lets you play 360 games on your Xbox One. This December, a new app is coming that promises to change the way you game – a literal game changer.

That app is the Xbox One Streaming to Oculus Rift app that’s being released on December 12. You can get the full official pitch on what that’ll mean for you over on Xbox Wire, but let’s be honest. This is weird.


You’re in a geometric base looking out into space, playing a game on a big screen, that’s inside your little Oculus screens, via Windows 10, connecting to your Xbox One.


Or you’re inside a bare, creepy building – again, looking at a screen, and presumably hoping that there’s nothing beside you. Yes, that’s not an environment I want to hang out in the ambience of – everything about games has steered me toward the belief that something bad is going to happen in a place like that.

The angle is that using your Oculus Rift, you’ll be able to stream these games from the Xbox One to your Rift, doing so in a virtual environment. Think of it as a special 3D theatre that gives you a separate screen to look at. If you like screens, good for you – you’ll get a screen inside your virtual Oculus-provided environment for you to look at.

As environments go, they look interesting- kind of like a strange, lonely take on the old Playstation Home environments we saw back on the PS3.


The lead environment looks good as well, but seems to be a place I’d rather explore than chill in while playing a different game altogether.


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