Impact Winter Looks Pretty Cool

Survival games are definitely the thing of the moment, and as games venture away from the impact of predatory forces on a plucky band of never-weres trying to make do, the setting becomes the central antagonist at play, hostile to those who inhabit it. Whether a forest, a warzone or a perpetual ocean, it’s the environment that stands against the player and their ludic counterparts.

Mojo Bones, an independent studio, has brought the cold to bear against its players, in its upcoming game Impact Winter. It is a single-player survival game, set in a world thrown to frozen after the impact of an asteroid, and puts a simple premise together -a  small band of survivors have received a radio transmission – Help is on the way, if only they can cling to life for the next 30 days.

Each playthrough is said to be different, which means protagonist Jacob Solomon and his four companions – Blane, Christophe, Maggie and Wendy, will likely freeze to death A LOT.

Bandai Namco and Mojo Bones are working together to publish Impact Winter, which the latter says is inspired by their favourite movies, music, games, and literature. You can see the game in action in the trailer below, which showcases the distinctive artistic direction that drew Bandai Namco to the game, and might kindle a spark in your cold, wintery heart.

Impact Winter will be available on PC early next year.

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