Neverwinter Nights Diamond free during GOG Winter Sale

Yes, you read it right.

The classic Bioware RPG Neverwinter Nights is available free on GOG, and since it’s the Diamond edition of the game, that also includes *all* of the expansions, the soundtrack, and a veritable haul of digital loot. If you’re not familiar with the game on account of its age (it did release in 2005), it won the Best Roleplaying Game award at three consecutive E3’s.

Also in case you missed the relevant bits: It’s a FREE Bioware RPG. Aside from that, this is a game that was quite renowned for its immense modding potential,

The only catch is that you need to visit it within 48 hours – and some of those hours are gone, SO GO THERE ALREADY! As of right now, there’s still more than 47 hours to redeem it, but you mightn’t see this to– POP OVER TO GOG.COM RIGHT NOW!

Beyond all that, you’ll want to know that GOG is (as the title suggests) having a massive sale on many, many games – some classics, and some new headline games.

But really, go get Neverwinter Nights Diamond.

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