CE Minecraft is getting a Fallout Mashup pack

I physically gasped when I found out about this – a brand new mashup pack is heading to the various console editions of Minecraft, and it’s going to be Fallout themed. Based on locations from across the Capital Wasteland and Commonwealth, from Fallout 3 and 4 respectively, it’s going to be another way to get a fix of post-apocalyptica, OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW yes, that’s Three-Dog coming at you loud and clear.


If you haven’t kept pace with Minecraft on console, you might be confused about what a mash-up pack is. They’re not quite a Total Conversion mod, a thing that used to be around in ancient times, and they don’t change the core Minecraft gameplay at all, but they’re a big audio-visual overhaul with a little bit more.

They’re a skin pack, a texture pack, a new soundtrack, and best of all, a big world of places built to look like whatever they’re based on.

Many of them have secrets to uncover, cute nods to in-game references, and a whole lot of fanservice.


There’s more information on the minecraft site, but it’s the screens and the trailer that tells it. Sure, the page might tell you bits and pieces of what you can find (and if past mashups are any indication, expect to find Diamond City, Megaton, Vault 111, Liberty Prime, Glowing Ones, and a whole lot more.

Good news for arachnophobes, as it seems like the awful spiders might be replaced with radscorpions.

Okay, technically they’re arachnids, but anything is better than spiders.


For those keeping score, this is also the second Bethesda property to receive the Minecraft mash-up treatment, following a previous mashup of Skyrim that touched on Riverwood and White Run. The Fallout mashup hasn’t been released yet, but is stated to be coming soon, to multiple platforms.

Out of the list of games that are ripe for a mash-up, Fallout has been at the top of my list since Mass Effect 3 had the treatment as the very first back in 2013, so you could say it’s been a while coming.

Whether this means the underground vault I’ve been building will look right in the new textures will need to wait until it’s available. In the meantime, here’s the very enticing trailer.


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