Early version of Astroneer now available

A launch trailer for System Era’s Astroneer has been released, to coincide with the arrival of the game on Steam Early Access and the Game Preview program on Xbox One and Windows 10. Without going into comparisons of which game this is like, what game this is the Xbox’s answer to, or anything of the sort, this game looks damned cool.


An extraordinarily cute game about space exploration, Astroneer’s take on play provides the ability to mess with the terrain, collect resource, build stuff, and explore lots and lots of gorgeous planetary landscapes.

That ’s what the early days of the game look like anyway, while the intended narrative won’t make it into the wider game until the future. The initial game also features some limited multiplayer, meaning you’ll be able to join up with a few friends online to work together, and make these pretty planets a home among the stars.

Here’s the trailer, showing off just a bit of what’s available.

Instead of leaving the trailer in our wake and cutting to the close, I do want to call special attention to a phrase on the main Astroneer site:

Explore and exploit distant worlds in ASTRONEER – A game of aerospace industry and interplanetary explanation.

The bolding is mine. Without having played it yet, it’s far too early to tell what sort of engagement occurs in relation to this concept, but to even have that idea listed is something special. So often open-world survival is presented as a blank slate, a bountiful terrain or paradise ready for exploitation, without the contentious trouble of a local populace or a conversation on conservation.


Often it’s a case of taking what you want from the environment, until dwindling resources demand you move on to greener, untouched lands.

Again, it is early in Astroneer’s overall cycle, and it would be best to take it by what it presents, but if there might be an aspect of engagement on this very relevant notion, this could turn into something much bigger than it initially seemed. 

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