Profile: Gio Coutinho, Rigging Artist at Rooster Teeth

Gio Coutinho is a rigging artist working for Rooster Teeth. Since joining the team, she has worked on several RT projects, such as RWBY Chibi, Red vs. Blue 14, and RWBY. She has been involved in the process of remaking assets after RT switched 3D packages from Poser to Maya earlier this year.

As a rigging artist, Gio is responsible for helping assets move. While this can involve a range of different tricks and techniques, this generally means introducing a skeleton to a model, and then providing controls that an animator can use to bring the original image to life. Although this is commonly required for characters, they aren’t the only models that need to move; rigging is also used to bring props, sets, and vehicles to life.

Gio’s interest in rigging began while she was at university to work on animation. Although she was originally unsure about what area she would be interested in pursuing, she became interested in the way that rigging combines aesthetic and technical art. In fact, she became so excited by the area, that she began to explore rigging outside of class and learned a lot from online tutorials and resources.

These resources helped Gio get to where she is today—a very prominent rigging artist working for a well-known production company. Her experience and expertise in the area of rigging has led her to give back by creating online tutorials that others may be able to use to follow in her footsteps. The series—which she was originally making independently, before being approached by Autodesk—uses Rooster Teeth models to teach rigging tricks and techniques in Maya.

If you are interested in rigging, or simply in seeing how Rooster Teeth models come to life, you can check out her tutorials here.

The content of this profile was informed by interviews conducted with Gio by the author for publication at Impulse Gamer and FemHype. Links are and

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